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DSfN-Lundbeck Foundation Scholarstipends 2024

The DSfN has received funding from the Lundbeck Foundation for a number of scholar stipends, to our members.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 5. May @22:00 2024

The scholar stipends provides financial assistance to pre-graduate students who are pursuing a research project within Neuroscience. Elegible students are enrolled within the natural sciences (e.g. medicine, human biology, neuroscience, biochemistry etc.).

The purpose is to offer promising students the opportunity to dedicate extra time to their master thesis project or a sabbatical/intern research project. Stipends can be given for 6-12 months, with a 12 month stipend corresponding to 120.000 DKK in salary and 20.000 DKK in running costs.


The students and the supervisor together defines the research project, which is to be conducted at a Danish research institution.

The project description should include background, aim/hypothesis, project plan, time plan and references. If the scholarship period is combined with the master thesis project, it should include a time plan for both parts as well as the proposed progress obtained by the additional months provided by the scholarship.

The scholarship should be initiated no later than September 1 2024.

It is expected that the student will get insight into project design, technical skills related to the research project, manuscript preparation, and at the end of the project reports to DSfN.

Formal requirements:

Only students enrolled as full-time student at a university can be the recipient of a scholar stipend, and the student must satisfy all other requirements given by the research institution that will administer the scholar stipend.

The application can be in Danish or English and must include:


Mentor CV (1 A4)
Student CV (1 A4)

A short project description (max 2 pages (~ 800 words), excl. figures, tables and references ). Include the sections; (1) background, (2) hypotheses, (3) experiments, (4) methods, (5) time plan (6) the students role and tasks.
Applications with projects descriptions exceeding the maximum length will receive an administrative rejection.